19 April, 2013

Ike's Tropical Food Market_Atlanta GA

I was recently at Ike's Tropical Market and instantly felt like I had just stepped into mini-Ghana. Anything and everything you can think of that is specific to African, Spanish and Caribbean cuisine can be found at Ike's.

I was especially excited about the items specifically found in Ghana and pleasantly surprised by the amount of stuff that you could find in this little grocery store. Another bonus was that Ike's serves multicultural foods daily. I tried Tuo Zaafi ( see picture below) for the second time from this store and although I thought my first go-around was scrumptious, this one turned out to be awesome as well. You could stock up on Foreign Language Films too.

Expect great customer service as well. I bought a six pack of Malta that was mistakenly left behind. There was no hustle when I returned to claim it.

Ike's is a one-stop shop for all the ingredients you'd need to prepare an exotic dish.

If you'd like to visit:
Ike's Tropical Market,
1241 Indian Trial Rd,
Norcross GA 30093.

Photos I took at Ike's. Can you name all these items?

Let me attempt naming these:

I love me some ripe plantains. This is exactly how I like them.


Mortar for fufu and palmnut and ladles for banku

Grinder used in conjunction with 'Asanka' below

Ideal milk

Dried Fish

Fanti Kenkey


Small chops...chin chin

Blue band margarine and Sugar Bread

'Pray3'..The traditional broom
Shea Butter

Cola Nuts

Ghanaian Edible white clay...'shire'/ 'ayilo'
Fufu Mortar and Pestle
Ga Kenkey
And finally the TuoZaafi I had!!!

18 April, 2013

Banana and Peanuts

It may be the Ghanaian in me seriously oozing out but I have to be honest and let you in on a secret. I cannot eat a banana without having it with some nuts. Lately, I don't even discriminate. I have it with peanuts (the Ghanaian way), roasted almonds (my new obsession_ I love love love the Blue Diamond Brand_Wasabi & Soy), peanut butter ( when there are no nuts around ) and even Nutella ( yup I went there).

If you want a healthy way to snack, why don't you pop a few nuts in you mouth and take a bite of banana. I promise you won't regret it.

PSA! So I just had this at my desk and was loving it so much I thought I'd share. I had this nostalgic feeling, I had to put it on my blog. Seriously had no I idea one could think of this post in a different way and take it left field. So before that happens I just want you to know this is just about food and it tastes great. Honest!

Your awesomely nutritious banana,

some roasted peanuts

the Ghana-Style peanuts stirred in sea sand (so delish),

or roasted almonds,

or peanut butter,

and don't forget your Nutella.

{ Images from the web}

18 March, 2013

{Ghana Blackberries} Yooyi/Yoyi_ Velvet Tamarind

I got this from Ghana recently. I couldn't eat it because of how long it had been since I had last seen them.
Every Ghanaian knows what these are. Popularly known as 'Yooyi' ...  It is famously coined 'Ghana Blackberries'

According to Wikipedia, Yooyi is known as the Velvet Tamarind and in Ghana it is found along transition zones bordering high forest, in riverian forest of the savannah woodland, in coastal scrub, and in riparian vegetation of the Volta near Ada.

The bark and leaves have medicinal purposes.

It's flavor is similar to Tamarind, hence it's English name. The pulp is reddish-orange, with a sweet-sour, astringent flavor similar to baobab, but sweeter. It is peeled and eaten raw.The thirst-quenching, refreshing fruit pulp can also be soaked in water and drunk as a beverage. It's leaves are bitter and may be used to cook 'Domada' , a traditional Gambian peanut-based sauce flavoured with tomatoes and hot chillies.