18 March, 2013

{Ghana Blackberries} Yooyi/Yoyi_ Velvet Tamarind

I got this from Ghana recently. I couldn't eat it because of how long it had been since I had last seen them.
Every Ghanaian knows what these are. Popularly known as 'Yooyi' ...  It is famously coined 'Ghana Blackberries'

According to Wikipedia, Yooyi is known as the Velvet Tamarind and in Ghana it is found along transition zones bordering high forest, in riverian forest of the savannah woodland, in coastal scrub, and in riparian vegetation of the Volta near Ada.

The bark and leaves have medicinal purposes.

It's flavor is similar to Tamarind, hence it's English name. The pulp is reddish-orange, with a sweet-sour, astringent flavor similar to baobab, but sweeter. It is peeled and eaten raw.The thirst-quenching, refreshing fruit pulp can also be soaked in water and drunk as a beverage. It's leaves are bitter and may be used to cook 'Domada' , a traditional Gambian peanut-based sauce flavoured with tomatoes and hot chillies.