18 April, 2013

Banana and Peanuts

It may be the Ghanaian in me seriously oozing out but I have to be honest and let you in on a secret. I cannot eat a banana without having it with some nuts. Lately, I don't even discriminate. I have it with peanuts (the Ghanaian way), roasted almonds (my new obsession_ I love love love the Blue Diamond Brand_Wasabi & Soy), peanut butter ( when there are no nuts around ) and even Nutella ( yup I went there).

If you want a healthy way to snack, why don't you pop a few nuts in you mouth and take a bite of banana. I promise you won't regret it.

PSA! So I just had this at my desk and was loving it so much I thought I'd share. I had this nostalgic feeling, I had to put it on my blog. Seriously had no I idea one could think of this post in a different way and take it left field. So before that happens I just want you to know this is just about food and it tastes great. Honest!

Your awesomely nutritious banana,

some roasted peanuts

the Ghana-Style peanuts stirred in sea sand (so delish),

or roasted almonds,

or peanut butter,

and don't forget your Nutella.

{ Images from the web}